U10 & U12 Buttermilk Glacier SL Camps 

Camps will be geared toward developing a sound technical foundation focusing on a balanced athletic stance, and arcing the ski. We will begin each session with drills, and freeski runs and move into stubbies and gates as the camp progresses. Each day will be a progression from where we left off the previous day, and each camp will be built off the previous camp, so we recommend attending the entire camp. Ideally athletes will join us for the progression of all three camps, but if that does not work please join us for whatever works best for your family’s schedule.
Please make sure each athlete has an adequate snack and water bottle.

Session Schedule:
  • Session 1: June 11-13 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)  |  6am-9am  |  $250
  • Session 2: June 15-18 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)  |  6am-9am  |  $300
  • Session 3: June 22-25 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)  |  6am-9am  |  $300

Session Details:
  • Available to athletes enrolled in an AVSC Part time (PreDevo, TEAM 2-3 day, ASK (Level 7+)) program or guest athletes.
  • Limited number of athletes per session to ensure quality training


Mt Hood U14/U16 Camp July 13-26

Depart Aspen: July 13th
Arrive Mt Hood: July 14th
GS Block: 15-19
Day Off: 20th
SL Block: 21-25th
Arrive back in Aspen: July 26th
Summer ski camps are a valuable opportunity to work on fundamentals and spend a solid block of time with the sole focus of ski racing. We will spend the first two days outside of gates working on balance, athletic stance (fore/aft) and outside ski pressure (lateral balance). As the camp progresses we will build from this introducing gates, and more challenging course sets as the camp progresses. We will have daily dryland including hikes to nearby waterfalls, agility work, and teambuilding games. After dinner will include individual video sessions and athletes will be responsible for filling out a daily assessment sheet for their training.

Staff: Gill Hearn, Eric Colon
Price: $2950