Equipment Requirements

One Day Bill Koch Youth Ski League: athletes will be required to own or rent 1 pair of classic skis (waxless or waxable), 1 pair of boots, and one pair of poles.

Two Day Bill Koch Youth Ski League: athletes will be required to own or rent one pair of waxable classic skis, classic poles, skate skis, skate poles, and combi boots (OR classic and skate boots).

U14 Devo Team: athletes must own classic poles, skate poles, classic and skate or combi boots, a water bottle and uniform. Athletes may own or rent waxable classic skis and skate skis (no fish scales).

High School Team: athletes must own classic poles, skate poles, classic and skate or combi boots, a water bottle and uniform. Athletes may own or rent waxable classic skis and skate skis (no fish scales).

National Comp Team:  athletes must own classic poles, skate poles, classic and skate boots, a water bottle and uniform. Athletes may rent waxable classic skis and skate skis, although owning all gear is preferred.

*All athletes for all programs must have warm clothes, a water bottle and holder at every practice. Base Camp jackets will be available to order at our Nordic Fit Night.

Seasonal Rentals

It is possible for participants to rent equipment for the AVSC Nordic Season – through the Aspen Cross Country Center, which is owned and operated by the Ute Mountaineer. The level of equipment available here is classified as entry level and performance, not high end race. Once you have determined what technique equipment you will need for your child’s program, you should bring your child to the Nordic Night to try on boots and reserve equipment. Similar to equipment purchase, you must fill out a rental from and submit no later than September 19th.

Reserving Equipment: If you submit your reservation for seasonal equipment by September 19th, you will be guaranteed a set-up. The Ute Mountaineer will order any equipment it does not have in it’s rental fleet to meet the needs of these reservations. If you do not reserve, there is a slight chance that we will not have equipment for all participants interested in renting for the season – this will depend upon the demand for rentals.

If you missed our Nordic Night and need to reserve equipment for the 19/20 season, please email or call Paul Perley, General manager at the Ute Mountaineer at paul@utemountaineer or (970) 925.2849 before our pickup dates. 

Seasonal Rental Pick-up: Seasonal rentals are not available for pick-up at the Junior Nordic Night. The pick-up will be at the Aspen Cross Country Center on the following afternoon/evening:

Seasonal Rentals Reserved by September 24th
U16 and older: Pick Up Date Nov 12th
U14 and younger: Pick Up Date Nov 13th

Non-Reserved Seasonal Rentals
All Age Groups: Pick Up Date Nov 14th

The reserved gear will be grouped according to participant and ready for easy pick-up. Participants that have not reserved equipment are invited to be fitted and rent gear on Wednesday, November 14th at the Aspen Cross Country Center. This night will be a much more time consuming event, so we encourage participant to reserve gear by Sept 25th.

Rental Requirements: Upon pick-up, parents will be required to:
1. sign a legal liability waiver
2. provide a credit card security deposit – imprint taken (expiration date valid through April 2020)
3. sign an agreement to return the gear by March 24, 2020.
4. pay for the seasonal rental
***If a parent is not present to fulfill these requirements, the gear cannot be picked up.

Pricing & Equipment
All equipment available for seasonal rental is Salomon Profil, Pilot, Prolink or NNN/Fischer compatible. Skis with a no wax base (“fishscales”) have Salomon Profil bindings on them. These are for the younger programs. As they progress to needing a set of classic and skate skis set-ups, the equipment will be Salomon Pilot, Prolink or NNN/Fischer compatible. We will do our best to fit skis and boots to your child’s ability.

“Fishscale” Equipment

Classic No Wax Base “Fishscale” Equipment (Junior Sizing Only)
Junior Classic No Wax Base Skis (Profil/Pilot Binding) – Fischer Sprint / Sal. Team $60/season
Adult Classic No Wax Base skis – NOT AVAILABLE

Classic Only Boots (recreational boot / not racing)
Junior Classic Boots (Profil) – Salomon Team boots $45/season
Adult Classic Boots (Pilot) – Not Available

Skate & Classic Waxable Equipment

Classic Waxable Skis
Junior Classic Waxable Ski (pilot Binding) – Fischer RCR Univ/Salomon Equipe Jr Classic $70/season
Adult Classic Waxable Ski (pilot) – Salomon Eq 8 Classic $90/season

Skate Skis
Junior Skate Ski (Pilot) – Fischer RCR Jr Skatecut Ski / Salomon Equipe Jr Skate/ SLab Jr  $70/season
Adult Skate Ski (NNN) – Fischer Salomon Equipe 8 Skate or RS8 $90/season

Combi Boots (For Skate & Classic)
Junior Combi Boot (Pilot) – Salomon Skiathlon Jr $65/season
Adult Combi Boot (Pilot) – Salomon Pro Combi $75/season

Classic Boots (Performance)
Junior Classic Boot – Not Available
Adult Classic Boot – Madhus Hyper RPC/Salomon RC Carbon (NNN) – Limited Availability $75/season

Skate Boots (Performance)
Junior Skate Boot – Not Available
Adult Skate Boot –Madhus Hyper RPC/Salomon RC Carbon (NNN) – Limited Availability $75/season

Adult & Junior Poles – Aluminum Only $20/season
***No charge for poles with each set of skis rented***

Adult or Junior? Foot size, participant height & weight will determine whether Adult or Junior equipment is needed. Age is not a factor.

Early Return? There will be no refunds for early return of seasonal rentals. There is, however a discount for starting the rental after February 10, 2020.

Equipment Return Condition: All rental equipment should be returned in full, clean and without damage.
-The participant and parents are responsible for returning all of the gear they rented.
-Label Your Equipment: There will be many kids with identical equipment storing their gear at the AVSC Clubhouse. This equipment always gets mixed up, so it is important that you label all pieces of rental equipment.
-Returning other people’s rental gear will not satisfy your responsibility to return the gear you rented. Missing or damaged gear will result in a charge against your credit card security deposit.

Rental Return Due Date: All equipment is due back at the Aspen Cross Country Center no later than March 24th.

Equipment Return after 3/24/20: You will be called to return your equipment by March 24th . It is possible to return gear after the due date if you intend to use the equipment into mid-April. BUT, you must communicate this to the staff at the Aspen Cross Country Center. After this date you will have to return gear to the Ute Mountaineer as the Aspen Cross Country Center will be closed for the season.

Team Uniforms

Bill Koch Youth Ski League: 
There is no uniform requirement for our Base Camp Programs (One Day, Two Day).

Team Programs: 

Racing Suit- All athletes who will race this winter need to purchase a racing suit through Podiumwear.  This includes all High School and National Comp Team athletes and most Devo Team athletes.  For your convenience, there are several uniform options available at various price points.  This will be your racing suit to keep, so put your name in it and take good care of it. Link and ordering options will close October 1 and a second order will occur in November .

Warm Up Jacket- All Team Program Athletes (Devo, High School, and National Comp) must have a team warm up jacket.  Jackets can be purchased through Podiumwear with October 1st being the first deadline and the second will occur in November.

Warm Up Pant- Warm up pants are for sale. This is a completely optional purchase.  Athletes are welcome to wear any black pants as part of our Team Uniform.


Sample items are available to try on at our Nordic Fit Night (AVSC Clubhouse, Sept 19th) and will remain available until the end of that week.  .  After Sept. 19th you will just need to guess.  Sizes are pretty true to normal.

Anyone looking to sell an old uniform should do so at the ski swap!

Come to team night Monday September 19th at AVSC Club house or email August to get the latest information.