Ability Levels

Level 1
I have never skied                                                           
Level 2                                                                          
I’ve just learned to make a beginner’s turn.                     
It’s rough but I can manage.  I feel ready                        
to ride the chairlift.                                                          
Level 3                                                                     
I can link turns without stopping.  I feel                            
good on the chairlift and easy green terrain.
Level 4                                                                        
I’m keeping my skis parallel at the end of                        
the turn with some skidding.  I am comfortable
on most green terrain and may be ready to try               
some easy blue runs.                                                   
Level 5                                                               
My turns are rhythmic and my skis are usually                 
parallel throughout the turn.  I feel comfortable               
on all green and some blue runs.                                  
Level 6
I am confident on most groomed blue terrain                    
and ready to explore some groomed blacks.                  
My skis are always parallel.                                           
Level 7                                                                         
I am making reliable linked parallel turns                
with my poles an all blue runs, but need                        
work on controlling my speed.  Black runs                       
are okay when they are groomed.                                    
Level 8   
I ski blue bumps and groomed blacks, but                                 
no double blacks (yet). I am linking short-                       
radius turns in the fall line.  I can ski advanced                 
terrain on all four mountains.                                          
Level 9                                                                        
Blacks are a piece of cake:  I am working on                    
tactics and lines in extreme terrain.                                 

Level 10
Epic. Please apply for a coaching position.
Level 1
I have never snowboarded.
Level 2
I can slide across the hill both ways and stop.
I’m starting to get the hang of this. I can ride a chairlift.
Level 3
I can control my speed and direction while moving across
the hill and am starting to turn.
Level 4
I can turn in both directions and am starting
to link my turns.
Level 5
I am linking skidded turns while controlling
my speed and starting to try blue terrain.
Level 6
I am confident on most blue terrain under
good conditions. I am beginning to carve
my turns or ride switch (the opposite direction).
Level 7
I am fine tuning dynamic turns and seek more
challenging situations, including riding bumps,
riding switch and dealing with varying snow
Level 8
I am confident performing dynamic turns, riding
switch and exploring techniques in all snow
conditions, terrain, pipes and parks.
Level 9
I can ride the entire mountain with confidence and ease.
I am working on tactics and new moves in extreme
terrain, pipes and parks.
Level 10
Prove it!  Then register for the X-Games in Aspen.