AVSC Sports Swap

Saturday, October 7 | 9 am - 1 pm  |  Willits Town Center

Buy and Sell New and Used Outdoor Gear!

Ski  | Snowboard  |  Nordic  |  Bike  |  Fish  |  Climb  |  & More

AVSC's community Sports Swap, presented by Willits Town Center and Mountain Chevrolet, will feature all sorts of gear from local vendors and community members, and will be the perfect opportunity to stock up on all the gear you need.

Score great deals on equipment, soft goods, and accessories from community members and local vendors including: 

Aspen Outfitting Company, Peter's Ski Shop, Corbeaux Ltd, CP Sports North America, DCURVE, Hamilton Sports, Incline Ski Shop, MountainFLOW Eco-Wax, Sidewinder Sports, Snowmass Sports, Strafe Outerwear, Summit Canyon Mountaineering, Surefoot, Swix and Fischer Nordic, Vintage Ski World, and more!

Questions or want to get involved? Reach out to ezeis@teamavsc.org.


Mountian Flo Eco-Wax will be at the Swap accepting all florinated wax products... Why are we doing this? Fluorinated wax contains per- and polyflouroalkyl substances (PFAS) that are known as "forever chemicals". These chemicals have 0% biodegradability and once they are in the environment, they will stay there forever. PFAS are toxic to the environment and are proven to be carcinogenic to animals and people.

​Fluorinated ski wax is now prohibited at all levels - from the World Cup through Junior Racing.
Mountain Flo Eco-Wax is here to help collect this unsafe fluorinated ski wax for safe disposal.

Learn more about the new ban here.
Learn more about the Mountain Flo Eco Wax Take-back program here
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